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Product Description

Elevate your clothing care routine with our SteamMachine garment steamer. This powerful device employs steam to effectively eliminate 99% of bacteria residing in your garments. Featuring a 2000W power, a 3.2-liter water tank, and a convenient 360 degrees turning coat rack for hanging clothes, the garment steamer ensures efficient and effortless freshening. Treat your clothes to a revitalizing steaming session and enjoy the feel of brand-new garments once again. 

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Product specifications


Power: 2000W
Voltage: 220V / 50HZ
Warm-up time: 60 seconds
Water tank capacity: 3.2L
Weight: 4.8kg


Package Width: 25 cm
Package Height: 35 cm
Package Length: 50 cm


1x Garment Steamer Main Unit
1x Steam Hose
1x Steam Head
1x Stainless Steel Hanger
1x Clothes Hanger
1x Glove
1x Manual


Most type of textiles, but delicate fabrics such as silk or chiffon can get damaged by the high heat and moisture of the steamer. Other then that;

  1. Fabrics that are not colorfast, as the steaming process can cause bleeding or fading of the colors.
  2. Leather and suede, as the steam, can damage the texture and finish of the material.
  3. Coated fabrics or those with plastic embellishments, as the steam can cause these materials to melt or deform.
  4. Fabrics with heavy embellishments such as sequins, beading, or embroidery, as the steam, can cause these elements to become dislodged or damaged.

In general, it's a good idea to test a small, inconspicuous area of the fabric with the steamer before steaming the entire garment, especially if you are unsure about the fabric type.


► Steam a garment by letting the steamer glide downwards along the fabric. You don't need to press hard or push the fabric against anything, the steam will remove the wrinkles on its own.
► Also steam your clothing inside out for extra good cleaning. Bacteria can be found on the inside of your clothes, especially if you wear them frequently. In addition, steaming inside out is more efficient at removing wrinkles.
► In addition to cleaning clothing, you can also steam other materials such as sheets, curtains, pillows, and toys. As long as the materials are made of textiles (not plastic, leather, suede, etc.), the garment steamer can handle it without any problems!



Why The SteamMachine?

  • Powerful machine
  • User-friendly design
  • Disinfecting effect
  • Large water tank

With an impressive 2000W power, the garment steamer delivers a steam output of 46 grams per minute. Ready to use in just 1 minute, the device efficiently removes wrinkles from your clothes, ensuring you leave the house looking fresh and polished.

The 360-degree rotating clothes hanger enables precise steaming from every angle, while the steam hose features an anti-bending design for added safety during use.

Experience the power of steam heated to an optimal working temperature of 100 degrees, effectively eliminating 99% of bacteria and viruses. Perfect for rejuvenating clothes, curtains, bedding, and various other textiles.

The steamer's base includes a detachable 3.2-liter water reservoir, ensuring minimal refills during extended use for added convenience.


-assesories not necessary (gloves and one)-only on and off button, no positions - otherwise it would be at maximum.- easy to operate and quick to assemble.conclusion: worth the money, with some practice you get great results.tip for shirt lovers: buy decent materials and let them hang after washing.Ironing and steaming is overkill and does not work.


Unfortunately, I suffer from a fear of contamination and am therefore always aware of bacteria. After learning that steaming clothes and stuff kills bacteria up to 99%, I immediately started looking for a good steam machine. Very satisfied with this steamer, it produces a lot of steam and it is of good quality.

fear of contaminationx

At our store it is almost constantly on. Customers try on clothes all day long, which causes light creases to come in. It looks nice, fits well in the store.The biggest difference with the previous one we used is how much water goes in, namely more than 3L. This allows it to stay on for a long time and you can get rid of an entire rack at once.


A friend of mine told me about this device and how much he used it. After some persuasion, I made the purchase and have not regretted it. Product works well and produces a lot of steam. Would recommend using the glove provided to avoid burning your hands.


Didn't think we would use it that much, my wife really wanted it. Now we sometimes have to fight over who gets to use it first in the morning. Smoothing clothes quickly has never been easier, much nicer than ironing in my opinion.


Ironing / steaming every day as quickly as possible. I normally really hate ironing, this is a great intermediate solution. Wrinkles are not always removed 100%, but you also have that with ironing. There are quite a few different and sensitive fabrics in my wardrobe. There are 2 settings on the clothes steamer, when in doubt I put it on the lower setting.